Indi sees Romeo and Ruby together

The news of Romeo and Ruby getting together starts to spread and when Indi sees them together at the beach she’s hit hard. Indi’s relationship with Logan continues unabated, too. Meanwhile, both Romeo and Indi try to keep their defences up, not wanting to reveal their continued feelings for one another.

Sid grounds Sasha for staying out with Xavier past her curfew. Furious that she’s being treated like a child, Sasha sneaks out to meet with her friends but Xavier’s not happy and takes her straight home. Sasha’s petulant behaviour at home makes Xavier think she’s not ready for an adult relationship and decides to split up with her.

John is still going on about Harvey’s treachery and is delighted to find out that Harvey’s election may have been rigged. At Gina’s request, Roo attempts to convince John he’s mistaken but he’s got the bit between his teeth…