Indi tells Romeo of her financial woes

Sid is insistent that Indi pays back her debts herself but she believes the only way to accomplish that is by dropping out of university to work more shifts. Her dad helps her go through her bills but she still needs to come up with the money and mentions her financial sorrows to Romeo. Later, Romeo decides to help her out, transferring $8,500 of Ruby’s shop money to Indi’s account.

Liam learns that Hayley is partly responsible for Charlie’s death and tells her that he can’t be involved with her any more. After Hayley has a go at Leah at The Diner, Liam realises someone’s got to help her and later finds her about to drown herself in the sea. Pulling her from the waves, he promises that he’ll be there for her from now on.

Xavier catches Jett acting suspiciously again and tells his mother that she needs to open her eyes to the trouble that the boy is. However, Jett suddenly proves himself quite a gifted student and confirms her belief that the young tearaway needs to be given a chance.

Alf returns home and is dismayed to see how much has changed since he left. And Marilyn is attacked by a mystery assailant while walking home in the dark.