Indi tells Romeo to sort things out with Ruby

Liam tells Romeo that Indi believed she had to move on with her life when she thought Ruby was pregnant, hence her response to Romeo’s advances. Romeo can’t let her go, however, and tries to convince Indi he wants to be with her, but she needs him to end things properly with Ruby before they have any chance together. Romeo talks to Ruby and tells her there’s no hope of reconciliation, but when he heads over to Angelo’s to tell Indi he finds her in a tender moment with Liam. Is there something going on between them?

Danny is still playing head games with Brax and when he meets Natalie at Angelo’s she gets the distinct feeling he’s threatening her. The following day, Brax heads to the caravan park and warns his father to stay away from Natalie, telling him to come after him if he has to.

Meanwhile, Danny’s friendship with Marilyn is blossoming and he takes her to dinner at Angelo’s. But while the couple eat into the restaurant’s profits, Brax is ambushed as he leaves and left for dead in the bush… Is his own father behind this?