Indi is having intense dreams about Romeo, and she can’t shake them. But when Nicole questions Romeo about his interest in Indi, he’s adamant that he’s not getting involved with anyone. He can’t do it after Annie. Indi asks him to have lunch with her, but he turns her down. Romeo looks for advice, but struggles to find any that helps.

Romeo sees Indi at the end of the day and admits to her things aren’t easy right now. She inadvertently discovers about Sid and Marilyn going out, which angers her. She confronts her father over his two-timing behaviour – she’s completely disgusted. The kids bust Sid after a nurse, Veronica, stays over, shattering the goodwill he had built up with them. Marilyn is excited for her date with Sid, though she has been warned to be careful.

Nicole still hasn’t questioned Penn about seeing other girls, despite being worried about it. Penn, meanwhile, is turning on the charm, helping to ease Colleen’s distress. When Nicole finally works up the courage to ask him about other girls, he assures her he’s not doing anything. But no sooner has he told her that, he’s chatting up a girl he meets on the beach.

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