India overhears Jem talking about her themed night and she’s eager to get involved if Rhys is going. Later, she gets a text from him inviting her to lunch. She goes along but is disappointed when Josh turns up. Rhys works hard to mend the rift between them and eventually India begins to soften towards Josh.

Josh approaches the bar but when he realises his dad still doesn’t trust him after accusing Rhys of secretly giving him alcohol, Josh storms out. Rhys follows but India suddenly emerges in a bid to seduce him.

Michaela tries her best to talk to Zak about Caleb’s death, but he’s clearly preoccupied. Later, she bumps into Jacqui and Des, and Jacqui’s furious to hear how Zak has treated her and goes in search of him. When she catches up with him we see the full extent of Zak’s turmoil. Des takes it upon himself to talk to Zak and returns him back to the McQueens’ to hear Michaela’s answer.

Also, Jem tries to rope Steph and Cheryl into helping with the Greek God themed night, unaware of their plans to scupper her romance with Gilly. Steph and Cheryl introduce a confused Ravi to Jem. But their plan backfires and Jem still ends up in Gilly’s arms.

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