Indi’s distraught at Romeo’s letter

Indi wakes to find Romeo’s disappeared and left a letter for her. Its contents confuse her even more, however, as he writes that he’s leaving her, though with no explanation as to why. Sid arrives at the campsite to take his bewildered daughter home where she decides she needs to go to work. She arrives at the gym to find Romeo’s car there and takes her frustrations out on Heath. John calls Sid down to get her and he decides he no option but to tell her the truth. He explains that Romeo has terminal cancer and, overwhelmed, Indi collapses.

Casey and Tamara row over the incident with Kyle; she wants to move on but Casey can’t get past the fact she didn’t tell him about Kyle’s interest in her. Cheryl calls in to tell Brax to sort Kyle out and he gives his half-brother an ultimatum – sort it out or leave. Kyle talks to Casey and promises to stay away from Tamara – it’s his problem, not hers. Casey accepts his story and apologises to Tamara. She in turn promises to tell him the whole truth in the future.