A Pakistani Londoner is coerced by officials into being an informer – but at what cost?

The excellent Paddy Considine stars as counter- terrorism officer Gabe Waters, who recruits young, second-generation Pakistani Raza Shar (Nabhaan Rizwan) to be his informant.

Gabe and his partner Holly Morten (Bel Powley) need to find out if a terrorist mastermind has established a network of bombers in east London, and Raza is to be their eyes and ears in
the community.

Raza is coerced into the role and he must now lie to his family and friends, while Gabe has dark secrets of his own.

This topical thriller is involving and gripping from the start, with newcomer Nabhaan an absolute natural.

Informer - shows Paddy Considine as Gabriel 'Gabe' Waters and Bel Powley as Holly Morten

Paddy Considine as Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Waters and Bel Powley as Holly Morten

TV Times met Nabhaan during a break in filming 
to find out more…

Why does Raza become an informant?
Gabe has got something on him.

It’s not that big, but it snowballs. And he’s chosen because he’s a bit of a man-about-town.

He moves in many different circles in an 
area in east London where lots 
of people of different classes and different races exist.

What does he have to do?
He goes into parts 
of society that are suspected of terrorist activity and they are not always who you might suspect on the surface.

He can easily enter all those circles and that makes him a desirable informant.

What first attracted you to the series?
The script jumped out at me. There are brilliant character arcs. The way 
the characters interact with each other is really what drew me in.

This is your first TV job and you have secured a lead role. How 
did you get the part?
I did about four auditions! I had a good feeling about it because some roles you go up for you’re quietly confident.

And with this, I connected with the character from day one and I knew I had 
a good chance.

But the rest was up to the powers that be.

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TV Times rating: ****