What will innocent Andy Sugden plead?

Andy's being framed for attempting to murder Lawrence White – but will the innocent farmer plead guilty?

*First episode*

With Chrissie having got Rakesh over a barrel, the lawyer is riddled with guilt as he urges Andy to plead guilty in court. Lawrence, who knows full well it wasn’t Andy to drew the gun on him, is worried that Chrissie’s plan to frame Andy isn’t going to work and is troubled by his daughter’s cut-throat attitude.

When Andy takes the stand, what will he plead?

David sneaks off to the prison to meet Tracy’s dad Frank. The shopkeeper’s pleased when his future father-in-law seems receptive to his plan to get him and his daughter talking again.

Moira uses Holly as a go-between, asking her daughter Holly to see Cain to give him some clothes. But that’s not all Holly gives Cain…