Insensitive Rhys hurts Hayley

Hayley is thrilled about her upcoming date with Rhys. A worried Zak has a ‘chat’ with Rhys and walks off feeling reassured, not realising that Rhys doesn’t know that Hayley is in a wheelchair. When Hayley feels too insecure to go through with the date, Rhys comes looking for her and talks her into going out. But he does a bunk when he sees her wheelchair.

Amy is unimpressed when Ste turns up on her doorstep wanting to see Leah and she tells him he can’t just turn up whenever he wants. Amy reluctantly agrees to let Ste in but, when Josh arrives, Amy is forced to hide Ste into the kitchen. After Josh leaves, Amy tells Ste that he can’t come to the house again as it would cause uproar if dad Mike found out.

Elliot asks Leila questions about seeing auras and she has to confess that she’s a fraud and has never seen any herself! Leila is miserable about being a fake and Elliot tries to cheer her up. Elliot offers to teach Leila to see auras.

Also, Steph and Sarah have a dance-off when their rivalry at the dance school threatens to explode and Archie enjoys watching the girl-on-girl action!

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