Into the arms of Dionysus

Despite slaying the Minotaur, Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras are still penniless and hungry in Atlantis where they are forced to guard a consignment of frankincense in order to make ends meet. Jason is bored guarding the frankincense, and goes to see the Oracle and asks about his destiny, but receives no answers.
When an old man asks them to find his missing daughter, Demetria, Jason agrees, but it soon becomes clear that their task isn’t going to be easy. Jason discovers that the woman has been taken by the Maenads, magical worshippers of the god Dionysus, who want to enchant her and initiate her into their sect.
As the three friends race against time to save Demetria, and ensure she is not initiated into the cult, they are captured by the Maenads and their High Priestess, who want to kill them as an offering to Dionysus.
In their bid to escape, the trio come face to face with a stranger named Medusa, who was also taken by the Maenads, but has managed to resist being initiated into the sect.
As a frantic fight ensues, Medusa saves Jason’s life by killing the High Priestess. However, Demetria reveals she has no reason to return to Atlantis and kills herself by drinking hemlock.
As the friends return home with Medusa, Jason returns to the Oracle and enquires about what will happen to Medusa and himself, only to be told: ‘You are not like other men. You will realise that soon enough.’