Into The Dalek

The new Doctor finds himself in one of the most bizarre and dangerous places he’s ever been after a lone Dalek is picked up by the Commander Galactic Resistance, a band of soldiers determined to defeat the deadly aliens.

Held on board their command ship, Aristotle, the Dalek starts behaving oddly, and when the Doctor crosses paths with the soldiers they ask him to try to get inside the mind of the Dalek and find out what’s going on.

The plan involves an elaborate and very risky procedure, however. The Doctor and Clara are miniaturised along with armed back-up and they’re literally injected into the Dalek! What weird and wicked obtalces lay in their path?

For school teacher Clara, being called back to help the Doctor on such a dangerous mission is pretty daunting, especially as she’s still getting used to the new Doctor’s bizarre ways.

He’ll need all the support he can get, too, as he’s faced with a decision that could change the Daleks forever. He’s forced into some deep soul searching. Will the Doctor find the answer to the question, Am I a good man?