As the series concludes, the Inventing the Impossible team help three more people improve their quality of life with ingenious solutions

Inventors Ross and Akram are in Bristol to try to help 26-year-old Greg.

Five years ago he was in a car crash and became paralysed from the neck down.

Greg can’t press the buttons on pedestrian crossings or pay for things in shops without giving over his card and pin.

Inventing the Impossible: The Big Life Fix

Zoe and Ryan help Malachi, with his mum Marie (far left)

In Cornwall, 11-year-old Malachi 
and family are struggling to cope with his Tourette’s, ADHD and autism.

Zoe Laughlin and Ryan White are on the case to invent something to help ease Malachi’s debilitating tics.

Finally, experts Haiyan and Yusuf are looking for a way to help four-year-old Jasper (main picture) get stronger after a terrible illness left him with paralysed lower legs.

The results, as always, are cutting edge, innovative and life changing.

TV Times rating: ****