Irene and Alf don’t trust Gray

Matt’s father Gray is out of rehab and tells his son he was angry that the family had been torn apart. Matt orgnasises for his father to stay at the Caravan Park. Gray hears that Matt is studying for his exams, but he manipulates him into ditching his revision. Sasha tells Irene Gray punched Matt and Irene asks Alf to keep a close eye on him.

Evelyn questions where Evelyn got the money to buy Oscar new clothes, but Maddy lies and says she has a job. When she sees Josh, Maddy gives Oscar her purse to pay for the food. When Oscar sees Roo’s credit card he confronts Maddy and realises she’s been lying. Aware Roo is upstairs he calls out that he’s found her credit card, but Maddy screams at him to butt out.

Evelyn is confused about her feelings towards Josh. After some thinking she decides to tell him that she misses him. Josh is elated when she asks him to be friends.