Irene has a dilemma on her hands

Will Irene be able to keep Mick away from baby Luc?

Olivia accompanies Irene to the hospital to visit Luc. They find VJ in Luc’s room, so Irene offers to stay with the tot, so that he can head off and get some rest. However, Olivia isn’t letting the Mick issue drop and wants to know how Irene plans to keep him away from Luc. Will Irene have any answers?

Meanwhile, Tori’s still struggling to come to terms with the erotic dream she had about Ash. Tori feels extremely awkward when she bumps into Ash and Kat while practising yoga on the beach. Both Ash and Kat notice Tori’s awkward behaviour and Tori makes things worse when she refuses to engage in conversation with them and rushes off. Ash believes she’s hiding something about Luc’s health, but Kat believes she knows what’s wrong with Tori. Does Kat really know the truth?

Brody’s struggling to get clean from his drug addiction. Needing some space from the Morgan household, he heads to the Surf Club, where he bumps into Alf, who berates him for his behaviour and his treatment of Scarlett. However, Alf’s like a dog with a bone and refuses to let Brody’s bad boy behaviour drop. So Brody loses his temper and punches him. Will Alf press charges? And will this affect Brody’s bail?

After his run-in with Alf, Justin urges Brody to get help. Brody decides to head to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, where he meets a mystery girl called Ziggy in need of desperate help…