Will has left the bay under a cloud and is struggling to deal with Lily’s ever-worsening tonsillitis. He has no choice but to sneak back to Irene’s house to get Lily’s medication. When things don’t improve, Will finally decides to contact Irene and she goes to see them. Will and Lily are by the side of the road and Will flags Irene down as she drives towards them.

Irene immediately sees that Lily’s tonsillitis has got much worse and she convinces Will to let her take Lily to a doctor. Irene then makes a snap decision and decides Will is not of a sound state of mind. She calls the police, who stop Will just as he is making his escape.

Dex and Indi are clearly worried about the tension that’s recently arisen within Sid and Marilyn’s relationship. So Sid decides to tell them both about Marilyn’s plan to adopt Nicole’s baby.

Though Dex is quite circumspect, Indi is absolutely outraged and takes it out on Nicole, who’s having a bad enough time as it is. Indi finally calms down after talking to Ruby and promises Nicole she will be a fantastic big sister to the baby.

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