Irene feels guilty

Will Irene confess that she's helping Mick?

Stressed about helping Mick, Irene takes her frustrations out on Olivia. With everyone noticing how stressed Irene is, they organise a surprise gift to a spa. Irene feels overwhelmed with guilt and tells Mick that he has to leave Summer Bay within the next week. Will Mick leave in a peaceful fashion?

Meanwhile, Ben asks Ash if he has heard from Ziggy, but he hasn’t. Desperate to know if her daughter is alright, Maggie asks Brody if he has heard from Ziggy, but he hasn’t either. Olivia is also desperate to get through to her friend and tries to convince Brody to come to the city to find Ziggy. Meanwhile, Ziggy is in a dingy club being hit on by countless men as she gets drunk. Will she be OK?

Also, Leah tries to make amends with Maggie, but Maggie gives her the cold shoulder. Later, Maggie breaks down to Roo and explains that Leah knew Coco had bulimia and said nothing. Will Maggie ever forgive Leah?