Irene makes a shock discovery

Irene and April are concerned Bianca is being rash. Irene invites Bianca out to dinner to take her mind off things. But while she’s getting ready, Irene finds a lump on her breast.

Liam bumps into April and tells her how shocked he is with Bianca’s decision. Liam then confronts Bianca’s counsellor. But the counsellor doesn’t give Liam any answers so he storms out and tries to talk some sense into Bianca. Bianca assures him the decision was hers, not the counsellor’s. Liam is gutted.

Sid finally apologies to Roo for his behaviour earlier in the week. Roo tries not to pry, but makes it clear she is concerned about Sid. Elijah suggests Sid tell Roo the truth about Sasha. But when Roo pops over later to check on Sid, he puts his guard up and tells her that she left him, so his troubles no longer concern her.

Elijah has organised a bride-to-be to have her hair done by Marilyn. But in the middle of their appointment, Marilyn starts planting seeds of doubt about marriage into the bride’s head. Just as Leah is finalising the catering numbers, the bride informs Leah the wedding is off. Looks like Marilyn’s advice left a lasting impression!