Irene meets Lou’s wife!

Lou and Irene head to the Yacht Club on a date. It’s not Irene’s cup of tea. Lou is called away briefly and some ladies invite Irene to join them. But as soon as Irene sits down, the girls berate her about everything from where she works to what she’s wearing. Suddenly Donna De Bono enters – Lou’s wife! She says that if Irene is after Lou’s money, she’s got no chance.

Later, Lou is quick to reassure Irene that Donna and he are separated and Donna is a very bitter woman. Lou begs Irene for forgiveness, leaving Irene unsure as to whether she should be pursuing this relationship with Lou any further.

As Belle’s addiction continues, Rachel discovers that Belle has been ‘doctor shopping’ and taking both uppers and downers. At work, Paula warns Belle about being late. She then sees Belle taking some tablets and fires her on the spot.

Martha reveals to Geoff, Annie and Alf that she’s bought their old farm with Jack’s life insurance money. Amidst the jubilation, Annie gets upset; being back at the farm has brought back memories. Geoff is quick to reassure Annie – either the farm gets more run down or Martha brings it back to life.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday April 7*

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