Irene wants full custody of Luc

Irene's suggestion leaves the Pattersons livid

Leah is furious that Irene wants to permanently take Luc and lashes out at her old friend. She explains she feels guilty that Mick raped Billie, but Leah doesn’t care and makes it clear that Luc is VJ’s child and storms off.

Irene is hurt by Leah’s reaction and turns to Ash for comfort. However, when Ash finds out that she was planning to try and get full custody of Luc, he’s furious. He tells her that he should have been consulted first and Kat manages to diffuse the situation. Will Irene ever see Luc again, now that Leah, VJ and Ash are all angry with her?

Elsewhere, Tori and Nate’s relationship is going great until Irene starts talking about children. Is Tori ready for motherhood and how does Nate feel about having kids?