Irene has collapsed from heart failure, alone on the boat. Luckily, Sid, John and Alf find her and come to her rescue. Sid, however, is forced to back out of treating her since he was dismissed from the hospital. He feels helpless and frustrated. Later, it’s discovered Irene’s chemo treatment has weakened her heart, which makes Sid feel guilty he didn’t do more to protect her.

Bianca is stressed about Irene’s illness and asks April to stay away from Heath – there’s enough drama in their lives at the moment. But when Heath admits to April that he wasn’t just using her, April is tempted to break her promise.

Dex stands up to bad boy Heath and tells him he doesn’t deserve to be with someone as amazing as April. When Sid sees how heartbroken Dex is, he advises him to just bide his time and be there for April as a friend.

Geoffrey King turns up at Angelo’s with an interesting proposition for Heath. He offers him the chance to get involved with a new deal that will supposedly get Angelo’s out of debt…