Robert Downey Jr continues his highly expert and entertaining turn as Tony Stark/Iron Man in this easy-going sequel. It takes a while to crank up, but the mayhem at the Grand Prix in Monaco is thrilling, the superhero action hots up nicely in the second half and there’s an exciting climax. Director Jon Favreau keeps the focus on the actors and the characters rather than just the CGI and that pays off. Mickey Rourke enjoys himself as the Russian scientist villain and Sam Rockwell’s good, too, as the American baddie in league with him. At the centre of it all is Downey’s polished performance – and he forms the heart of soul of the movie. Also good value, Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlett Johansson add just the right glamour and sex appeal the movie needs. Though you might ask for a bit more of an actual story, the movie’s as slick and smooth as they come, with expensive toys and sets plus seamless CGI and action sequences.