Cherry asks Freya if she’s going to see Mandy again. Freya thinks it’s unlikely – she seemed to have got the wrong end of the stick about Kevin and herself. Cherry says she’ll call Mandy to set her straight.

Later, Freya gets a text from Mandy, shall they meet up? At the Icon, Mandy is cool with Freya, who insists she knows nothing about the tattoo and she regrets being with Kevin, who’s really not her type.

Mandy says she’s not really sure about ‘bi’ girls and Freya replies that to her, gender isn’t such a big deal – it’s the person that matters. Mandy softens and agrees to have a drink with Freya after all.

Cherry pops in to The Mill to show off her wedding photos as Jimmi’s busy sanding at home. But Julia can’t stop; she tells Karen she’s overloaded with paperwork and doesn’t want any interruptions today.

But when Karen tries to transfer a call to Julia from Sally, she gets her head bitten off and Sally ends the call. Julia’s annoyed when she discovers it was Sally who called and decides to ring back, leaving a message.

Sally does return her call – she needs someone to look after Chloe for the weekend at short notice. Julia jumps at the chance – but Sally warns if Patrick finds out there will be no repeat of this arrangement!

Also, Heston unearths a terrible secret when he helps a man come to terms with his father’s mysterious disappearance.