What seems like a tug-of-love case involving an eight-year-old boy could be something much more sinister, as DS Stevie Moss and DC Terry Perkins discover… Owen Reaney has disappeared from outside his school and his mother Maggie (guest star Emma Cunniffe) is beside herself with worry. She admits to the Sun Hill officers that she and Owen’s father, Phil, are in the middle of an unfriendly divorce so their first thought is that the boy is the victim of a custody battle. But Phil swears he’s not responsible and is unhappy about being treated as a suspect.

So, if Mum hasn’t got him and Dad hasn’t got him, where is Owen? Further investigation turns up CCTV footage that shows Owen talking on a phone then getting into a car with a man who they identify as Nick McCann. At Maggie’s home, Terry has been handling the tense relationship between Phil, Maggie and her new partner, Danny Maier. Talking to Phil, Terry’s convinced he has nothing to do with his son’s disappearance. But do any of them know Nick McCann?

A bit of hi-tech policing reveals that Owen was on the phone to Danny before he was driven away by Nick. Stevie quickly arrests Danny who, just as quickly, admits that he knows Nick. But Danny is too scared to say any more…