Is a wealthy lady all she seems?

The glamorous Mrs Waverly revels in her wealth until Mrs Merriam accosts her at The Mill, accusing her of theft. It transpires that they are a syndicate but Mrs Waverly bought a lottery ticket alone and won £3.4 million. Valerie acts as a referee until Mrs Waverly confesses she didn’t win the lotto at all – in fact she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Seeing what it means to her old friend, Mrs M continues the fantasy.

Franc is seen having a conversation on the phone and soon afterwards Damien, a man from a local health organisation, arrives to investigate complaints about the water in The Mill and shuts it down. This throws everything into chaos until Damien admits he has overreacted and an unrepentant Franc has been behind today’s disaster.

Having agreed to introduce Tracey to Sierra, Ayesha wants to show her cousin that she is dealing well with being a guardian. Initially Tracey irks Ayesha by being overbearing and Ayesha niggles at Tracey for having abandoned her. However, Tracey convinces Ayesha to go on holiday with her and her son.