Is Aaron dead?

Convinced Aaron and Robert have been seeing each other again, Chas wants answers. But her son is just not up for telling his mum the truth and instead says he’s been staying with Adam. Fed up, he heads out for a run. Alone in the countryside, exhausted Aaron stumbles, smashing his phone. He’s able to get up, but as the pain kicks in he takes another fall and careers down the side of a steep embankment! At the bottom, alone, Aaron lies unconscious on the ground…

Laurel squirms as Marlon asks her if she’s a full-blown alcoholic. While his wife wants to get away from it all, Marlon has no idea what to do for the best.

The divorce papers are in, but the women in James’s life are taking no notice. Emma hasn’t yet signed them and Chas, well, she’s too busy worrying about Aaron to care.