Is Aaron in danger?

How far will Rory go to win Aaron back?

A shocked Aaron pulls away from Rory in the middle of their kiss. Rory apologises and says it was a mistake. Aaron agrees but their kiss was seen by Amy, who tells Aaron that his actions are hurting David. Will Aaron be able stay away from Rory? However, it may not be so simple, as Rory plays a dangerous game to reconnect with Aaron…

Meanwhile, Shane is starting his night classes and it inspires Sheila to critically reassess her life choices. She tells Dipi that she regrets dropping out of school and messing up her romance with Clive. Dipi tells Sheila it’s not too late to make a change – but will Sheila take her advice?

Also, Paul is planning an event to launch his latest business projects, including his latest real estate venture. He wants Amy to be his project manger but, when she finds out the news through David, she’s not thrilled about the offer. Can Paul change her mind?