It must be exhausting to pretend 24/7 that you’re not gay. No wonder Aaron’s irritable! Taunted by Adam – his unrequited love – about being dumped by Holly, Aaron gets drunk and becomes aggressive. Eli saves him from himself by taking him into town for a night out. But after getting even drunk, Aaron turns on Eli, who decides he’s had enough aggro and leaves Aaron to fend for himself. The tormented lad finds himself standing outside a gay pub. He’s tempted to go in but, disgusted with himself, he walks away.

Debbie tries – and fails – to find the right time to tell Cain and Charity that, much as she loves them, she can’t stand living with them any more and is off to Jersey. Meanwhile, Cain tells Lisa about his surprise matrimonial intentions… Well, he’s going to need full Dingle support if he’s going to pull off a wedding that the bride doesn’t know about and hasn’t agreed to!

In The Woolpack, Maisie is back at work just in time to meet Rodney’s long-lost friend Charlie (George Costigan). The Wylde girl gets a warm welcome from everyone but Charlie has his eye on another female: Diane. How will Doug feel about that?

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