Is Aden HIV positive?

Aden continues to struggle with the worry that Cassie has infected him with the HIV virus and takes out his fears on everyone around him, refusing to take offers of sympathy. But, when his tests finally come back, he is relieved to see that they are negative. But his doctor is surprised that Aden does not seem over the moon at the result. It seems his conversation with Morag the day before about his traumatic past has brought back a lot of dark memories.

The Stewarts are still trying to get their heads around the surprising news that Colleen is one of the family, with Morag finding it especially tricky to accept Colleen as her half-sister. But when Colleen enthusiastically spreads the latest gossip to the rest of Summer Bay, telling them she is going be known as Colleen Stewart from now on, everyone mistakenly jumps to the conclusion that Colleen and Alf are engaged.

Things get worse when Colleen suggests to a shocked Leah, Irene and Belle that she wants to hire the Pier Diner for a celebration lunch. Later, the new brother and sister soon find themselves, to their horror, at their own engagement party.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday May 8*

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