Is Al right to dismiss Rose?

Mrs Tembe is putting up Health and Safety notices while Mandy is plastering the walls with bowel cancer awareness info. Elderly patient Rose arrives in reception, waiting to see Al. Taking her through to the consulting room, he doesn’t miss the chance to have a dig at Mandy’s expense.

Rose tells Al she feels ‘down in the dumps’. Al decides she’s another time waster, but humours her – maybe it’s something to do with not seeing her family? Why not try Skype? Al unsubtly gets her out of his consultation room.

Al moans to Mrs Tembe and Mandy about the time wasted – Mandy stands up to him, seeing lonely patients is part of the job. Al doesn’t agree and walks off. Their argument continues as the phone rings – it’s Rose again. She needs an emergency appointment. Mrs Tembe books her in, much to Al’s chagrin.

When Al finds out the problem – Rose’s Skype account froze – he gets rid of her. Rose comes in reception in tears – could Mandy or Mrs Tembe help? Mandy sets her up in the staff room and shows her how to fix the problem.

Al comes into the staff room, annoyed to see Rose still there, and shoos her out of the surgery, giving her a handful of leaflets on being healthy. A bowel cancer leaflet is stuck in the middle.

Also, Jas helps a friend face up to a hereditary illness.