Alfie’s spent two nights sleeping on the sofa after doubting whether he’s the father of Kat’s baby. Kat marches Alfie over to speak with Yusef, who surprises Alfie by saying that his fertility could have changed since the last test. Alfie has more tests and apologises to Kat for doubting her, but makes things worse by alluding to her past reputation. A furious Kat screams that she’s through being married to him.

Syed needs to get in touch with Amira to get divorce proceedings under way. Christian wonders whether they should ask Yusef for Amira’s medical records to try to trace her. Syed refuses to ask Yusef for help, but instead wonders whether he should get in touch with Amira’s dad Qadim. Christian forbids him from seeing Qadim, knowing it could put him in danger.

Cora learns that Dot has a spare room in her house and asks her if she can move in with her. Dot thinks it will disrupt Fatboy too much to have another lodger move in. Dot has time to think about things and realises Cora is in a spot so she offers her the room after all. Fatboy’s not amused by the new development in his living situation!