Ali and Ruby’s relationship has been on shaky ground, since Ali secretly slept with her ex-husband, Dan. But little does she know, things are about to get in even more of a muddle when Ruby plans to pop the question to her long-time lover! But the couple are plunged into chaos, when Ali discovers there’s a chance she could be pregnant! Will Ali be forced to confess all, and risk losing Ruby?

Meanwhile, Andy still isn’t happy his adoptive brother, Robert has returned to the village. But he finds himself stuck working with Robert after accepting a job helping Robert, his fiancee, Chrissie and her father move into Home Farm. But having only recently finished his anger management sessions, will Andy be able to keep his cool around Robert after their recent punch-up?

And Moira’s not happy when she discovers Aaron has let slip to Cain about blackmailer, Maxine. Moira had been hoping to handle Maxine herself. But with her loose cannon hubby, Cain now in the know, anything could happen. Uh-oh!