Is Ally interested in Lacey?

Lacey’s embarrassed when Ash questions her sexy outfit choice, but Ally smiles – he knows why she’s dressed like that.

Newcomer Maxine makes her mark on the village and cons Jack into thinking he’s run her over. Later in The Dog, her other con is rumbled when Frankie, Cindy and Cheryl all notice the makeup boxes they bought from her are filled with pebbles! As Frankie man-handles Maxine out of the pub they come face-to-face with Mitzeee, who is shocked to see her sister! She welcomes her sibling with a massive slap. Mitz can’t forgive Maxine for stealing her fiancé, Gary, and releases five years’ worth of anger at her sibling when Riley’s mentioned.

Joel finds himself in a precarious situation and Theresa finds herself unable to cope. It seems their criminal lifestyle has caught up with them as Joel is arrested.

Elsewhere in the village, Cheryl admits to Tony that there is a slight complication with their big day; and Ruby is devastated that everyone’s against her and Jono, until Maddie suggests Gretna Green.