When Val looks at Amy’s baby her heart melts and all she sees is a bonny boy. When Amy looks at her son her heart is in her mouth and she tells Val and Pollard she’s putting him up for adoption. What??? Val saw the baby coming home to Amy. But will Amy be at home after the police talk to her about abandoning him? Zak wants a word, too. He knows Cain is the baby’s father and wants to offer her his support. Realising the truth is worming its way out, Amy admits to Val and Pollard that Cain is her baby’s daddy. Blimey! One shock after another and Pollard with a dicky ticker! But they still promise to stand by Amy – and the baby.

The truth about the foundling is revealing itself all over the village… Bob tells Cain about it and the penny drops with a mighty clang: Amy didn’t have an abortion. Zak is disgusted with his son and Marlon is shocked when Sam tells him that the baby making the headlines of the village gossip is Cain’s. The only person who appears unmoved is Cain.

Adam, on the other hand, is very moved by Cain’s sleazy affair with his mum. He’s moved to anger and wants to teach Cain a lesson.