Is Andrea pregnant?

When Eileen confirms that Andrea’s moved out of No 11, Lloyd tries to look relieved. But Eileen’s stunned when Andrea later turns up on her doorstep in tears, revealing she’s pregnant with Lloyd’s child!

Tracy sticks to her story that she only confessed to starting the fire in order to prevent Carla from committing suicide. Meanwhile, Carla returns to Underworld and Aidan’s taken aback when she thanks him for saving the factory. Alya grovels to Carla and Aidan for her job back, assuring them she’s smoothed things over with Macnee’s.

Kylie’s upset to find messages on her phone from the school saying that Max is ill. But having had no answer from Kylie, the school have contacted Callum and along with his mum, Callum collects a frightened Max in his car. 

Meanwhile, Jason attempts to return to work, but Tony marches him back home and assures him that they will wreak revenge on Callum once he’s back to full fitness