In a bid to get over Summer, Andrew throws himself into organising a dance party. He succeeds in getting business partner Tomas on board and they realise a big event means a big budget. Impressed with Andrew’s professionalism and drive, Paul agrees to sponsor the event, much to Andrew’s delight, but Paul expects big profits in return.

Andrew goes to share the great news with Tomas, but discovers him on the phone to a business associate of a different kind. As a regular in the underground dance party scene, Tomas is used to making an income outside of ticket sales. If Andrew decides to turn a blind eye to Tomas’s illicit operations, he’ll make a profit for Paul and kick-start his business. But what will it cost?

Furious, Kate tells Lucas it’s his fault that Mark thinks she’s crazy and Jade hates her. Hearing the row, Sophie admits it was her idea for Jade to hang out with Mark so she could get them back together. Knowing she needs to sort the situation out, Sophie asks Lucas for help, and when he refuses to get involved, she resorts to blackmail.

When Lucas quizzes Mark over it, he tells him that he can’t get passed Kate’s lies. When Lucas tells Jade, she insists Kate needs to know, but Lucas thinks it’s a bad idea.

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