Is angry Ash for the chop?

Since paramedic Jeff Collier died in the line of duty while saving the life of Ash, the troubled doctor has been bottling up his feelings of shame and anger.

This week Ash’s emotions overrule his usual powers of judgement when he tried to bully a Jehovah’s Witness patient into agreeing to a life-saving blood transfusion.

Not content with the patient’s refusal, Ash takes matters into his own hands and attempts to force a blood transfusion on the weak patient! Senior nurse Tess manages to restrain, Ash but due to the seriousness of the matter Connie tells Ash either he gets counselling or else he can consider himself fired!

Ashe decides to go to counselling but gets so angry with his therapist, he storms out of the session…

Elsewhere, love struck porter Max is desperate to suss out whether Zoe and Dylan are a couple.

Big Mac starts his first shift as a Health Care Assistant, but is dubious about being mentored by Robyn, who is several years his junior.

Dixie reluctantly scatters Jeff’s ashes.

And Connie is distracted by her home life when wayward daughter Grace is suspended from school.