Is Ayesha a nightmare housemate?

Emma has enjoyed having Ayesha stay for the weekend and offers her a tenancy. After leaving her hanging for a while, Ayesha eventually accepts but leaves Emma feeling wrong footed as she reels off all her demands as a new tenant.

Niamh persuades Emma to let an old friend stay overnight but gets a shock when Kate turns up with her young fiancé Troy in tow. Niamh is horrified to learn Troy is Kate’s student, he’s only fifteen. To make matters worse, Kate is also pregnant. A conflicted Niamh tries to decide what to do for the best and eventually makes her decision.

Karen and Rob have some house-hunting appointments set up with Rose, an estate agent friend of Barry. Rob enjoys himself as he finds things wrong with all the properties but at the end of the day he and Karen are dismayed when Rose announces she hasn’t got anything else to show them.