Is Ayesha’s career in jeopardy?

At the police station, Ayesha is uncomfortable talking to Rob about Hayden’s drug taking. Meanwhile, Howard asks Mrs Tembe to get together any paperwork connected to a complaint about Ayesha. Jimmi and Heston say she’s an asset to the practice and Mrs Tembe insists she’s an excellent nurse. Howard tells Niamh that he wants Ayesha’s name cleared as much as everyone else – he’s just doing his job!

Ayesha goes to see Jimmi for some tests and is furious when she realises she has to do a urine test. Emma finds Ayesha in the toilets crying and, despite Emma insisting that Hayden is to blame, Ayesha is inconsolable. 

Al’s shocked when a terrified boy, Lol, jumps in to his car to avoid a threatening pursuer. At the hospital, Al meets Jermaine, who says he is Lol’s stepdad but Ayesha explains that Jermaine’s a drug dealer, who uses kids to do his dirty work. As Al calls Rob and police arrest Jermaine, Al hopes that Lol might be better off now.