After being stood up by Bryson, Paige returns to work, only to come face to face with him. As a plus-sized guy, he nervously confesses he was reluctant to meet her because he lied about his appearance. Paige texts Matt to come and arrest Bryson but when he shows up, Bryson’s dumbfounded and claims he’s innocent. Suddenly Bailey confesses to having an online relationship with a Russian girl on Paige’s laptop. She must be the cyber-thief, and he’s to blame.

With Brennan demanding rent, Tyler agrees to do some cash-in-hand work for Dimato – oblivious to his ulterior motive. Meanwhile, when Matt breaks the news the DPP is dropping Naomi’s case against Dimato because of her chequered past, Brennan passionately defends her. Putting aside his reservations, he asks Naomi to stay the night, and she agrees.

After doing some digging, Terese accuses Paul of misappropriating council funds to pay for his own self-promotion in the form of a glossy TV advertisement – instead of paying the union workers. Caught out, Paul is forced to back down.