As Steve tries to sneak out of No 1, Tracy insists he stay for breakfast, excited that she’s finally got her man. Steve’s not quite as keen and when Tracy asks if this means they’re an item he manages to stall her and leaves quickly. Alone with Lloyd, Steve insists it was a one-off and no one need know, but when Becky hears Amy talking about Steve spending the night she heads to the pub to confront him. She reveals her stories about her new boyfriend were all a front and is devastated by Steve’s action.

Audrey is feeling guilty about her lack of support for Marc and after a sudden change of heart, she nervously agrees to accompany Marc to the LGBT event.

Owen has been Anna‘s rock as she prepares a wary Gary for his first psychiatric appointment. Knowing she needs a distraction Owen books cinema tickets for her and Faye. Touched, Anna invites him along, too.

Also, Tommy sweet-talks Amber into agreeing to a drink; meanwhile, Amber swears Sophie to secrecy as she reveals some shocking news.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

A formerly triumphant Tracy is devastated as Steve lets rip at her, believing she told Becky about them sleeping together. With all hope of a reconciliation gone she tells Deirdre she’s moving to London immediately as she needs to get away from it all. Stunned, Deirdre tells a horrified Steve the truth, and he panics about losing his daughter. He races round to No 1 to find Tracy and Amy getting into a cab.

Audrey is moved as she listens to Marc speak about his alternative sexuality. It’s clear it meant a lot to Marc, too, but as they enjoy a drink in town two men start heckling Marcia. Audrey finds it in herself to stand up and fight ‘Marcia’s’ corner.

Amber’s furious when Dev treats her like a child, insisting he wants her home from her date with Tommy by 11pm. But Tommy is too much of a temptation and Dev is ignored as Amber spends the night.

Also, returning from the cinema Anna’s had a great time and can’t thank Owen enough. It’s clear they’re growing closer.