Becky’s floored by Steve’s news that their marriage is over and all her optimism evaporates. At the pub Steve reveals he’s going to visit Andy who’s in the country for a few days. As Steve goes Tracy’s quick to gloat, pointing out that Becky’s lost her husband, her home and her job. Becky bridles, but then a penny drops – why should she lose everything after what Steve did? Marching into the Rovers Becky makes an announcement that floors Stella.

As Frank shows his potential new client round the factory, Carla’s distracted by a phone call. The meeting goes well, but when it comes to talking numbers she plays hardball. Snapping, Carla dismisses the offer out of hand. As the client leaves Frank’s furious, but Carla opens up telling him that her mother has died.

When Dennis reveals he used to live at No 11 and Grimshaw was Elsie’s maiden name he marvels at the coincidence of Eileen now living there. Jumping on it, Julie’s enthralled by the fact they could all be distant relatives.

Also, Stella steps in when a row breaks out between Eva and Leanne; Izzy’s put out by Gary‘s over-protectiveness.

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