Ever since Dom found out about Belle’s role in the death of his daughter, Gemma, he’s been determined to see her punished. With the trial underway, Dom can’t bear to listen when details of Gemma’s death are read out in court, so he rushes out, garnering sympathy from the jury in the process. Later, Lisa rails at Dom for his outburst and tells him to stay away from court because she doesn’t want her daughter to be branded a murderer and is worried that he will sway the jury towards a guilty verdict.

When Bernice suggests Ashley and Harriet have feelings for each other, they struggle to keep their emotions in check. Meanwhile, Harriet has decided to resign before she gets pushed by the parish council, so Ashley decides to fight for her, which leads to the pair sharing a charged moment as they kiss. Harriet, however, is quick to dismiss the moment of passion as mistake…

It’s a big day for David and the Sharmas as Priya brings Amba home. As Georgia worries about how to act around the new mum, Alicia worries that it will change things between her and David.