Is Belle going out with Lachlan?

Convinced that Belle and Lachlan are an item, Alicia heads over to the Dingles to speak to Lisa. After what the teen did to her, the concerned mum doesn’t think he’s anything like boyfriend material for Belle. When the teenager denies it, Lisa tells her daughter that lads like Lachlan don’t deserve forgiveness. Later, unable to let it go, Alicia takes matters into her own hands and posts a comment on social media about Lachlan’s sordid attack on her…

Chas and James are meant to be getting away from it all, but unless the barmaid can find her passport they won’t be going anywhere. Already suspicious about his mother’s behaviour, will Finn work out jealous Emma is behind Chas’s disappearing document?

After Laurel’s disgraceful drunken behaviour last week, Doug wants words with his daughter. But all she wants to do is sleep it off. Will frustration push Doug to heed Marlon’s words and remove his support from Laurel’s life?