Is Bianca heading back to jail?

Bianca lays down the law with Liam, saying he’s grounded until he stops skipping school. Bianca’s day gets even worse when she discovers the stock she bought from a mate was stolen. After a night out at the club with Kat, Bianca find the police on her doorstep as the security guard who was attacked during the robbery is in a coma. Kat is taken for questioning after insisting the stall is hers and nothing to do with Bianca.

Roxy is not best pleased to see Kat at the club on Valentine’s night, as it’s distracting Alfie. Roxy watches as Kat and Alfie talk, with Kat flirtily telling Alfie that she knows how to have fun. As the night progresses, Roxy is increasingly wound up by Alfie looking over at Kat. Roxy storms out, leaving Alfie alone.

Patrick is in hospital with his arm in a cast and his leg wrapped in a foam support. Dot is by his side as the nurses try to sort out what care Patrick will need when he’s discharged. After finding out that Denise and Kim have put his son Anthony down as his next-of-kin, he worries that they won’t want to look after him.