Billy feels bad when he can’t afford to pay for Jay to go on a school trip. Billy steals money from the stall, but Ian sees him. Heather is after Billy for their rent money. Billy takes the cannabis to the club intending to sell it, but he turns around when he realises the bouncers are frisking everyone. Billy hears a police siren and panics when they pull him aside…

Syed moves back into the flat. Syed tries to resolve things between his parents by insisting to Masood that marrying Amira was his decision. Tamwar later tells Syed that Masood has agreed to talk to him. Syed is shocked when Tamwar reveals that Christian was beaten up.

Ronnie visits Jack and lies to him that the club is doing well. Ronnie wants to pay for Jack to have private care to speed up his recovery. Ronnie gives Jack a leaflet for a private clinic, but when she’s told she has to stump up the first month’s fee in advance she worries about how she’s going to get the money.

Also, Lucy thinks Leon needs to be taught a lesson, and Danny tricks Roxy into giving him more cash for an ‘investment’.

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