Is Brax falling for Ricky?

Brax is worried about how Casey is taking the new of Gina’s death. Ricky asks him about how he is taking it – suggesting he should think of himself once in a while. Ricky continues to be allusive and it’s clear Brax is falling for her.

Xavier tries to get Jett to open up, but Jett is embarrassed because Gina wasn’t even his mum. Xavier assures Jett that Gina loved him like a son. However, Jett worries that he isn’t going to be able to stay with John now.

As Marilyn struggles with seeing John and Jett so upset, Roo brings up the funeral and decides it’s up to them to organise it. Later, Alf tells John that he should be at home with the boys, but John is torn; they are not his boys. Alf assures him that he is more of a father than they have ever had. On Alf’s advice, John talks to Jett telling him he is going to fight for his adoption.

Also, Tamara and Casey kiss at the gym, and Indi isn’t pleased with the display. Casey then breaks the news about Gina to Indi. Later, Tamara suggests that Casey cut back on his hours and Casey snaps at her. Tamara takes it upon herself to go and talk to Indi, who tells her to mind her own business.