Is Brennan ready to move on with Paige?

Paige wins a bet and Brennan has to shout her dinner. The meal feels more and more like a date, but a remark from Sonya makes Brennan realise how big this next step is. He decides to pull out of dinner at the last minute – leaving Paige devastated.

Sonya is wracked with guilt after an understanding Toadie caught her checking his emails. Later, Sonya pitches an idea – what if Toadie hired a second assistant? Toadie’s onboard with the idea but it’s clear Naomi doesn’t feel the same way…

Matt worries that Bailey is lacking the confidence for Space Camp, but Josh advises Matt to step back and be there when his son needs him. When Bailey has a chance meeting with competition, Alice, Paige makes him see how threatened Alice is by him, renewing his confidence.