Is Bridget coming round?

After a rock wrapped in Riley’s newspaper article is thrown through the window and hits Rachel, she’s taken to hospital for stitches and, having suffered concussion, is placed under observation. Karl confronts Riley but Steve leaps to his son’s defence. But Miranda isn’t happy with Riley’s actions, realising he twisted the story in the paper. She checks on Rachel’s condition and tells Karl and Susan that she’s pleased her injuries are minor.

As the clock counts down for Bridget, Rachel sneaks in to her room and begs her comatose friend to wake up. She’s startled when Bridget seems to squeeze her hand. Is she regaining consciousness?

The police attempt to rescue Declan and storm Nick and Laura’s caravan, unaware that the kidnappers have fled with their hostage and are watching the raid from a safe distance. While Nick speeds up his plan to get his hands on Oliver’s cash, Laura’s guilty conscience gets the better of her, and she unties Declan, urging him to run. Faced with a ransom exchange and no hostage, furious Nick gives chase.

Trying to ignore his guilty feelings over Rachel’s injury, Riley writes another editorial which effectively excuses the vigilante action. But he finally listens to Elle’s advice and apologises to Rachel.