Is Cain at play while Moira’s away?

What’s Cain doing? Moira’s side of the bed is still warm and he’s tangling with another woman! But all is not as it looks… Cain’s fighting the girl off, not giving her the come-on! Her name’s Natalie, she sells supplies to the farm but, tonight, she’s Adam’s honey-trap… He’s thrown a party just so he can set Cain up with Natalie then tell Moira all about it. Stupid boy! As if Cain would! Cain realises exactly what Adam is up to and is quick to put Natalie in her place, which is not in bed with him. That’s Adam’s fun ruined – and now he’s got to face an angry Cain…

Rhona’s got to face a weekend away without any drugs and she’s not looking forward to it – even though it’s to celebrate Leo’s second birthday. Seriously? Rhona doesn’t want to share in the joy of celebrating with her little boy? Well, she does, but she wants her painkillers more. Trouble is, Vanessa has them and dispenses them when she thinks Rhona needs them. Tricky.

Andy’s in a tricky situation, too. Kerry’s pregnant (allegedly) and the baby’s his (allegedly). She’s got no home, no job and only Dan’s van to sleep in so she’s really hoping for Andy’s support. Unfortunately, Andy’s hoping she’ll have a termination – he doesn’t want the baby.