Debbie’s solicitor advises her to plead guilty to manslaughter rather than running the gauntlet of a murder trial. Meanwhile, Zak and the Dingles discover a ‘snooper’ at Tug Ghyll, who turns out to be Debbie‘s new brief, Hawkins. Zak is stunned to find out that Hawkins has been paid for by Debbie’s father Cain. Hawkins hints that Cain could soon be back and Lisa visits Debbie to tell her the good news.

Andy finds out about Cain’s imminent return and he is furious. He is insistent that he doesn’t want Cain around Sarah and he makes an anonymous call to the police. A squad of police cars surrounds the Dingle homestead and Zak suspects Andy but has no proof.

Diane is proud of Andy’s decision to stay at the farm, but she knows that Mick will be disappointed. Daz patches up his differences with Andy and offers to help out. Victoria volunteers her services to help around the farmhouse and Diane feels sad to lose her from The Woolpack. Later, Diane tells an understanding Natasha about Andy’s decision to keep the farm, but Mick is furious and feels hurt when he finds out that Lee has taken a gamekeeper’s job at Home Farm.

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